Bridging the Digital Divide

Communus bridges the digital gap with expert solutions provided by our team of digital transformation specialists. We train your team, modernise your systems, amplify your message, and deliver impactful results for client engagement.

We deliver the professional media and professional communication strategies your business needs to thrive.

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Our Services

We deliver the solutions to modernise your team and internal systems in the digital world, and the end-to-end services for client engagement. 


Digital Transformation

Digitise Your Team
We help you use digital technologies to create new or modify your business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements
Use digital technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing business processes, without fundamentally changing them
Use digital technologies to create new products, services, or business models that generate value for your team, your customers and stakeholders


Our Expertise
We provide comprehensive IT support, foresee potential issues, and help align your IT with your business strategy. We assure growth with a dedicated team, help you adapt in the digital transformation landscape, and stay updated with the latest tech trends.
Your Team
Our training helps you learn the skills you need to promote your business. This includes training for videos for your digital marketing.
Our induction training helps you make digital assets for your team up-skilling. We make digital on-boarding assets for you to assist new staff.


We help you define your goals and your message to reach new customers
We consult with you to ensure your communications plan resonates with your community and is future-proofed to meet your goals.
We help you integrate your communications with your message across all platforms including your website, socials and CRM.


We create a website that helps your message stick with your audience. We help you use your website to connect and communicate with your community and grow your engagement.
We create a website that fits with your overall business strategy which will inform what functionality it’s going to need, the content, and how it’s going to look.
Your website builds brand awareness and expands your customer base. We create websites with responsive design that look great on all digital devices and browsers.


The messaging in the content we write sticks. We write for maximum impact for a diverse range of audiences across all digital and printed platforms. With professional copywriting, we optimise your message for internet protocols and for reaching your audience.
Drive Results
We believe that effective communication is key to success in today’s digital age. That’s why we focus on creating content that not only captures attention but also resonates with your audience on a deeper level. Whether it’s a catchy headline, an engaging blog post, or a compelling call to action, our goal is to help you connect with your audience and drive results.

Photography &

Video Explainers
Images and Video are an essential way to represent what your business is and what it can offer to new clients. We produce multimedia assets that tell your story.
Broadcast Quality
We film on-site at your location or you can have your story recorded at our studio
Your organisation's history, journey and future aspirations are important for current and new clients to hear. Our quality recordings engage your audiences and attract excellent SEO traffic.

Website Hosting

Market Leader
We host your website with an ethical market leading web host which is also committed to environmental sustainability.

Logos & Branding

Brand Awareness
We help to promote the value of your organisation's products and services. We manage and protect your Intellectual Property rights.
We create design profile to fit your brand's identity to leave people with a lasting impression of who you are


Reach Your Audience
Good podcasting means knowing what your audience is looking for and what problems can be solved with the podcast content. We can help you with your podcast.


Quick Access
At Communus we prioritise our clients’ needs above all else. Our support team is highly responsive, ensuring that we address any concerns or inquiries as quickly as possible. We understand that time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced world, which is why we offer same-day contact.

Our commitment to rapid response times is part of our broader dedication to providing exceptional customer service. By being readily available to our clients, we can better understand their needs and provide solutions that are tailored to their specific circumstances.


Our Clients Include Corporate, Government and Not-for-Profits

About Us

Communus helps businesses overcome the digital gap by using technology to achieve their goals.

Whether you are a business owner, a freelancer, or a remote worker, Communus can help you get the most out of your Microsoft and SharePoint tools, integrate with cloud-based solutions, and compete with the big players in your industry.

Don’t let your IT department or outdated systems hold you back.

With Communus, you can close the gap between you and your competitors and grow your business.

Our design and technical services include

➤ Digital Transformation
➤ Digital Optimisation
➤ Digital Innovation
➤ Team Training and Onboarding
➤ Communications Strategy
➤ Websites – design & hosting
➤ Graphic Design 
➤ Multimedia
➤ Copywriting
➤ Video Production
➤ Client Management Systems
➤ Podcasts
➤ Project Management
➤ Social Media Strategy
➤ Learning Management Systems
➤ Technology Solutions Consulting

Marketing services from beginning to end.

Our clients choose us because we offer solutions for the entire process of communicating with your clients, from start to finish.

Reaching people with your brand’s message and bringing them onboard as clients is the key to a successful marketing strategy.

Communus helps you to do this.

From registering a business name, applying for a domain name, crafting a logo, building a website, copywriting for digital best practice, providing on-going technical support and training, we have the solutions and support for you each step of the way.


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The Communus Story

Our experience with customer engagement is broad.

We understand the continuum of customer engagement and outcomes and the importance of building authentic relationships.

Our Directors serve on a number of committees and boards and have witnessed the value of connecting people and planning strategically for outstanding outcomes for businesses.

Whether you are a new business just starting out, an established business, or an organisation looking to rebrand and renew, our experience with branding and promotion is wide-ranging.

Promoting your business has never been more important.

Your customers are looking at your online presence - your website, social media, campaigns and promotions.

You need to have a plan to give your customers what they want by being ahead of the curve. 

We help you do this.

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